I know
How you feel
You feel unwanted

Even if you could fall in love
It won’t help
You would be afraid

If she let’s you go
You might die
it is love

That has made you this way
Have you told them ?
Does love know?

You dream about suicide
More than love
Loving is too hard

When you are fixated
To suicide
And to the needles,

People at my age
Think i have no problems
But i once was suicidal

Not knowing the reason
Why am i alive
Blaming God , why does he do this to me

But when i first heard of Clayton Jennings
And his spoken words
They made believe in God
No Pastor or Rev could do
What he did to me
Me and God had a connection

But many of you won’t understand
What I’m saying

But I’m not Clayton
I don’t know how people feel
How suicidal they are.

My poetry is nothing to you
It has never changed your life
You see little in me

Trying to convince you
There is still hope won’t help
Because you don’t believe in me

When i had depression
I had no friends
When i opened up

To the people i knew
They just laughed at me
Not acknowledging me

Not wanting to hear my trauma
They don’t know
I once was suicidal

Because they chose not to listen.

I could have killed myself
I could never said
Goodbye world
I’m leaving today
I feel like
You never needed me
I wasn’t in your plans,

I thank God of saving me
If it wasn’t for him
I could have died
I could have hurt those who loved me more
Don’t be like the younger me
The guy that was suicidal

Don’t try to cut that wrist
Don’t try to drown yourself to death
It is not worth it
As you think it is
Don’t say Goodbye world yet
You are an idol to them
They look up to you.


My journey of becoming a Poet


I always wanted to have a mentor when it came to writing but it seemed I became my own mentor akong the the way. Writing a poem is not an easy task , first you gotta have a story behind the poem. Every poem has it own meaning or special story.


Poetry is usually used as a tool to lay down your thoughts and express feelings. Let’s take for a example from a personal experience I write about my depression and that invites more readers on my facebook page and twitter. When it comes to Poetry you have to be able to connect with your audience. There should be a bond between a writer and a reader and your reader should be able to visualize what you are talking about on your poem.


Editing a poem could be hard and people underestimate the power of editing. Editing your work is the most important . Every successful writer has edited his/her work , editing your work makes it stand out of the crowd. I don’t usually edit my poems because I don’t know any editors, any suggestions drop them on the comment box.

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